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Islamic Education For All

Fussilat means to explain various topics in a clear and concise manner. At our weekend Islamic school in London (Chadwell Heath, East London), we provide quality education for children and adults.

Four broad topics are covered. The first includes learning to recite the Quran with Tajweed. This consists of learning how to pronounce each letter correctly (Makhaarij), the characteristics of letters (Sifaat) and rules of Tajweed regarding pausing and stretching (Ahkam Al Tajweed)

The second topic includes memorisation, where students memorise kalimah, daily dua and Quranic dua from our very own book Essence of Worship. Surah memorisation is also taught, with Tajweed being applied for all.

The third topic is Islamic Studies. Here, all we teach Fiqh (how to perform wudhu, pray salah, and more), ‘Aqeedah (beliefs regarding Allah and the unseen), Stories of the Prophets (where we touch upon the lessons learnt) and Seerah (the life of the Prophet Muhammad [Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam]).

The fourth topic is Arabic. Unlike Tajweed which focuses on how to pronounce each letter correctly, Arabic focuses on how to write Arabic, understand words, construct sentences and speak Arabic.

Learn Tajweed

Tajweed is the science of Quranic recitation. In this part of the course students will learn to recite the Quran and recognise Tajweed rules


Islamic Studies

In this course, students will explore ‘Aqeedah (beliefs), Fiqh (jurisprudence), Stories of the Prophets (Peace be upon them all), plus more!


Surah & Dua Memorisation

Here, students will focus on memorising the Surahs of the Quran, with Tajweed rules, as well as daily and Quranic Dua


Why Choose Fussilat Academy




A weekend Islamic School with a high level of Islamic Education



Classes for children and adults run simultaneously allowing the family to study together.



Our syllabus and workbooks are tailored to teach the students of today



Additional home learning with our interactive Student Portal, uniquely designed for students of Fussilat Academy



We connect with students of all ages, ability and level making learning Islamic education fun and beneficial



Our teachers are qualified, experienced and DBS checked


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Our Happy Students

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