Our Islamic Education Tutors

Ustadh Saim – Founder and Headteacher

Ustadh Saim has been teaching Quran and Islamic studies for several years including at Chingford Masjid and Enfield Islamic Academy. He completed a 2-year undergraduate level Islamic studies course and is currently studying towards the completion of his Alimiyyah course at Jamia Siraj ul-‘Uloom

Having graduated in BA Economics, he currently works as a Business Analyst in Romford. He has used his background in Islam to aid the organisation by producing a document highlighting the different methods used for slaughtering animals for Halal meat consumption, verified by several UK based scholars, and which has been sent out to 1000’s of marine catering companies around the world.

He has organised many charity events in the East London area for charities, such as Shade and Lantern of Knowledge, with his wife Ustadha Maryam.

His hobbies include DIY crafting (where he builds flower beds and garden furniture) as well as regularly playing football.

Ustadha Maryam – Deputy Headteacher

Ustadha Maryam has numerous years of experience in teaching Quran, both privately as well as in Islamic Institutions such as Dar Al-Rahmah & Enfield Islamic Academy. She specialises in the science of Tajweed which she has been studying for 11 years, having gained an Ijaazah to teach from her Ustadha, who herself holds many Ijaazaat from Shayukh around the world, including Egypt and Algeria.

Ustadha Maryam has also studied towards a 2-year undergraduate course at Jamia Siraj ul-‘Uloom, with further ambitions to study an Alimiyyah course in the near future.

Ustadha Maryam holds a BSc in Human & Medical Sciences and holds great interest in the Quranic Sciences.

Her hobbies include hiking, swimming and organising charity events for local charities.

Ustadha Hajra – Teacher

Ustadha Hajra has been teaching Quran since 2014 and studied Tajweed for many years alongside Ustadha Maryam at Enfield Islamic Academy. She specialises in teaching Quran to children aged 5 and 14 and studied towards a 2-year undergraduate course at Jamia Siraj ul-‘Uloom, studying Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah and Arabic.

Ustadha Hajra holds a BA in Business Management with Economics, where she has utilised these skills in running a successful and profitable business.

Ustadha Hajra is known for her innovative teaching methods; making a fun and interactive environment for learning Islam.

She has a very artistic mind and specialises in Islamic Calligraphy, selling numerous canvases for charitable causes.

Abdullah Saleem – Teaching Assistant

Ustadh Abdullah is one of our longest serving teachers at Fussilat Academy. As the teaching assistant for the intermediate boys class, class Abyad, he is responsible for offering extra help tailored to students in areas such as tajweed, alongside primary teacher Ustadh Saim.

Ustadh Abdullah has been brought up from a family of Ulama and is currently studying towards the completion of his Alimiyyah course at Jamia Siraj ul Uloom, where studies alongside Ustadh Saim. Whilst studying this in the evenings, he is also studying towards a degree in Computer Science during the day.

His hobbies include computer programming, 5k runs and travelling.

Aamina Hafeji – Teacher

Ustadha Aamina joined Fussilat Academy in early 2018, Currently, in her 6th year at Quwwatul Islam, she is approaching the completion of her Alamiyyah studies. In addition to this, she is studying towards her ambition of pursuing a degree in biological sciences, where she aims to add on to her teaching experience by becoming a biology teacher.

She also brings a great experience where she teaches Quranic recitation and Fiqh to children aged between 5-16 years old, in addition to private tuition.

In her spare time, Ustadha Aamina likes to bake for family and friends, keep active through swimming and her mind engaged through reading.

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