Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


By enrolling at Fussilat Academy you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


  1. All parents/guardians are required to fill out an application form with the legally correct information to the best of their knowledge.
  2. The parent/guardian must state any health issues their child may have.
  3. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the Fussilat Academy head teacher or deputy head teacher of any changes of details relating to the application form, including, but not limited to, the address, contact details and all health issues.


  1. All students must pay a registration fee which covers the relevant academic year. This fee is fixed for all.
  2. The registration fees are non-refundable, except in the case where the school is unable to offer the student a place on a course.
  3. Admission to Fussilat Academy is given on a first-come-first-served basis. This will be based on all required documents being completed, signed and accepted by Fussilat Academy as well as full receipt of payment of the registration fees and the days required.
  4. All fees must be paid before the designated deadline set by Fussilat Academy. There will be no ‘I owe you’ or credit.  If the fees have not been paid before the specified time, students will not be given access to the school.
  5. Fees are payable by cash (Pound Sterling), bank transfer or PayPal.
  6. All daily, monthly and termly fees must be paid before the school day, month or term starts – please see the fees breakdown sheet.
  7. Daily payments are due before the lesson is scheduled to begin. Students will not be granted entry if the full fees are not paid.
  8. For monthly payments, fees are due on the last Sunday of the previous academic month and covers the next academic month – please see the Course Fees for more information.
  9. Termly fees must be paid before the term begins (the last teaching Sunday before the term start date) – please see the Course Fees for more information.
  10. There are no late fees charged. However, failure to pay the fees before the school day begins will lead to a refusal of entry of the student until the fees are paid. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to drop off the student to a Fussilat Academy staff in charge of registering the student attendance for that day.
  11. Any days missed are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Fussilat Academy head teacher and deputy head teacher who will carefully consider your circumstance for up to 7 days. In these situations, you may receive a full or partial refund, to be paid within 14 days of your case being accepted for the full or partial refund.
    Note: A change in circumstance or a personal situation will not be a valid reason for a refund.
  12. Once paid, fees cannot be transferred to another day, month or term.
  13. Fees paid for one student cannot be transferred to another student.
  14. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure payment is received. If, for some reason, payment has not been successful, the parent/guardian must contact Fussilat Academy.
  15. Any damage caused by the student will require the parent/guardian to pay for all damages.


  1. Boys
    1. Boys must wear a white Thowb/Jubbah, with no visible branding.
    2. Boys must wear a traditional white Topi/Kufi [Islamic Hat] and/or a white turban/amamah.
    3. Plain and simple cardigans or jumpers (any colour) can be worn on top.
  1. Girls
    1. Girls must wear a dark coloured & loose jilbab, abaya or long Kameez with minimal design for all girls aged 7 and above.
    2. Girls under the age of 7 are encouraged to wear the same as girls aged 7 or above.
    3. As a minimum, girls under the age of 7 must wear modest clothing that covers their body. This excludes the feet, hands and face.
    4. All girls must wear a head scarf that fully covers their hair, neck and chest.Failure by any student to comply with the above-mentioned uniform will lead to the student being sent home. Fees will not be refunded.


Attendance & Punctuality
  1. Attendance and punctuality is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  2. If a student is unable to attend, the Fussilat Academy head teacher or deputy head teacher must be informed. No refunds will be issued unless stated otherwise (see the Fees section for more detail).
  3. Any absence will require the student to catch up on any work and homework missed, before the next lesson, in their own time.
  4. All students may enter the classrooms 10 minutes before the 1st lesson begins (9:50 AM for a 10:00 AM start).
  5. All students must be seated in the class and ready to learn at the lesson start time (10:00 AM for a 10:00 AM start) – this includes being seated with the correct stationary, books and equipment required.
  6. Parents/guardians are responsible to drop off students to the area occupied by Fussilat Academy. Fussilat Academy will not be liable for students dropped outside of the school, in the car park, in the school playground and all other facilities outside of the area(s) not occupied by Fussilat Academy.
  7. Any lateness will not be tolerated, regardless of being the fault of the student and/or parent/guardian. Detention will be given to the student. See 6. Disciplinary section for more information.


Class Material, Homework and Student Progress
  1. The parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring the student has all the stationary required by Fussilat Academy teachers.
  2. Any class books damaged, stolen or lost will need to be replaced and will incur the relevant charge for a replacement.
  3. Exercise books given to students must only be used for Fussilat Academy. Teachers will review the exercise books to ensure that they were used sensibly and solely for Fussilat Academy purposes to determine whether the student is eligible for a free replacement of the exercise book.  If these are not met, the student will be required to pay the fee to purchase a new exercise book.  Students are welcome to bring in their own exercise books, however, they are required to bring in two; one for Islamic Studies and another for Tajweed.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure all work set is complete by the set deadline.
  5. Homework must be completed by all students before the next lesson.
  6. Failure to complete or bring in the homework will lead to detention.


  1. Disciplinary actions are in place for lateness, incorrect uniform, behaviour, failure to complete class work & homework and failure to bring school books & appropriate stationary.
  2. Detention will be given to students, taking place as and when instructed by the head teacher of deputy head teacher of Fussilat Academy.
  3. The severity of these will depend upon the misconduct as well as occurrence.
  4. Mobile phones must be switched off during lesson time. Fussilat Academy does not take any responsibility for any lost items.
  5. Any devices that go off during class will be confiscated, with the parent/guardian required to collect this from the head teacher or deputy head teacher at the end of the school day.
  6. Students, parents, guardians and all other people are not permitted to hand out any leaflets, books, material, food or drinks without prior permission from the head teacher and deputy head teacher of Fussilat Academy. This permission will only be granted if the Fussilat Academy head teacher and deputy head teacher are informed, at least, 7 days before, where the Fussilat Academy head teacher and deputy head teacher reserve the sole right to refuse.


  1. Children are welcome to bring their own snacks, but can only drink water during lesson times.
  2. All food and drinks (besides plain water), must only be consumed during the allocated break time and in the relevant break-out areas.
  3. If a parent/guardian intends on bringing in any items either to be sold or given for free to staff, students or parents, the head teacher or deputy head teacher must agree to this and would require 7 days’ notice. We will then contact you if you have or have not been granted permission to do so.


Leaving Policy
  1. If a student is to leave during the term, fees will not be refunded for weeks paid.
  2. The school requires two weeks’ notice if a parent/guardian withdraws their child from studying at Fussilat Academy.
  3. Once a child has left, they will no longer have access to the student portal.
  4. If a student leaves and then returns within the same academic year, an admin fee will be charged. This fee will be discussed during the application process upon re-enrolment.


  1. For promotional purposes, Fussilat Academy may take pictures, videos and/or audio recordings to be displayed on social media, our website, posters and other marketing platforms. If you would like your child not to be involved in any of these, please inform either the head teacher or deputy head teacher in advance.


  1. All communications between Fussilat Academy and parents/guardians will primarily be via either e-mail, text and/or WhatsApp.
  2. For emergency purposes, a minimum of 2 separate parents/guardians phone numbers and contact details must be provided.
  3. It is imperative that all the above contact details are correct and up to date.


Fussilat Academy Ltd may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time You are advised to keep up to date with any changes by regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions, and will be required to confirm your acceptance whenever any changes are made by Fussilat Academy. When enrolling you must sign a copy of the terms and conditions. By signing you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

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